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Excise Commissioner is the Head of Excise Department and is appointed under Section 4 (a) of Abkari Act, for the control of the administration of Excise Department and for the collection of Abkari Revenue.
The main duties and powers of Excise Commissioner are listed below:

  • Issue of Permits for import, export, transport and transit of liquor.
  • Issue of licences for the manufacture, possession and sale of liquor.
  • Confirmation of sale of toddy shops
  • Issue of No Objection Certificates for the import and export of liquor.
  • Approval of labels for IMFL.
  • According sanction for Brand Registration for IMFL.
  • Cancellation or suspension of Abkari licences and Permits.
  • Issue of Search Warrants for the search for any liquor, intoxicating drug, material, stills, utensils, implement or apparatus in respect of which an Abkari offence has been committed.
  • Search, seizure and arrest and all other powers vested with an Abkari Officer under Abkari Act.
  • Confiscation of articles in Accused Not-known Abkari cases (Undetected Cases).
  • Exercising Suo-moto Revision in the case of confiscation/release order passed by Asst. Excise Commissioners and in the case of Appeal orders passed by Additional Excise Commissioner, in respect of articles involved in Abkari cases
  • Power to compound certain offences related to violation of licence conditions and alteration of partnership deed by licensees.
  • Issue of licences under M & TP Rules and NDPS Rules.
  • Appointing and transferring Authority of Circle Inspectors of Excise
  • Empowered to exercise all the powers and to discharge all the duties conferred and imposed on Abkari officers under Sections 31,32,34, 35,38,39,53 &59,67 and 67 A of the Abkari Act I of 1077 within the whole State of Kerala



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