List of Technically Trained Officials

SL NoNameDesignationOfficeTraining TypePeriod
1Vineet RaviCircle InspectorECO MananthavadiCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
2Pradeep KumarCircle InspectorECO NilamburCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
3Akhil AExcise InspectorECO ThrissurCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
4Sijo VargheseExcise InspectorECO ThodupuzhaCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
5Ajith RCivil Excise OfficerExcise Division Office TVPMCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
6Pradeep D PCivil Excise OfficerExcise Division Office TVPMCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
7Vimal VCivil Excise OfficerERO PathanapuramCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
8M ManojPreventive OfficerERO PathanamthittaCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
9Subbalekshmi JayaramWomen Civil Excise OfficerERO AdoorCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
10K P AneeshCivil Excise OfficerERO KarthikapalliCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
11B AbhilashCivil Excise OfficerERO KuttanaduCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
12Binu PaulCivil Excise OfficerERO KuravilangaduCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
13Shanu KrishnanCivil Excise OfficerERO PampadiCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
14Sijo C KPreventive OfficerECO MunnarCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
15Dominic V JPreventive OfficerEE & ANSS IdukkiCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
16Dineesh K GCivil Excise OfficerEE & ANSS ErnakulamCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
17Jithin JayaghoshCivil Excise OfficerERO ErnakulamCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
18Janees Prins FCivil Excise OfficerERO AnthikkadCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
19Mikki John MCivil Excise OfficerERO KunnamkulamCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
20Asharaf AliCivil Excise OfficerEE &ANSS PalakkadCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
21A K ArunkumarCivil Excise OfficerERO ParaliCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
22Ahammed RishadCivil Excise OfficerERO MalappuramCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
23Renjith A KCivil Excise OfficerECO PonnaniCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
24Sushand R NCivil Excise OfficerJEC NZCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
25Shiju M CPreventive OfficerEE & ANSS WayanadCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
26Vineesh P SPreventive OfficerEI & IB WayanadCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
27Sanalesh TCivil Excise OfficerECO IrittyCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
28K SunilkumarPreventive OfficerEE &ANSS KannurCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
29Prishi P SCivil Excise OfficerEE &ANSS KasargodCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
30Nikhil PavithranCivil Excise OfficerEE & ANSS KasaragodCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
31Gokul Krishnan G NCivil Excise OfficerERO DevikulamCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
32Gopakumar GExcise InspectorExcise CommissionerateCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
33Midhunkumar SCivil Excise OfficerCrime BranchCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
34Prashob M PCivil Excise OfficerCrime BranchCyber Forensics23/02/2021 to 26/02/2021
35Kaleshan K.RExcise InspectorECO ManjeriCyber Forensics15/02/2021 to 18/02/2021
36Aswin Kumar KExcise InspectorERO ChalakkudyCyber Forensics15/02/2021 to 18/02/2022
37T ShijumonPreventive OfficerEI &IB MalappuramCyber Forensics15/02/2021 to 18/02/2023
38Shine GCivil Excise OfficerIT CellCyber Forensics15/02/2021 to 18/02/2024
39R.G RajeshExcise InspectorIT Cell , EHQCyber Forensics15/02/2021 to 18/02/2025
40Joby P ChackoPO(Gr)EDO IdukkiCDR Analysis18/12/2020
41Sijo C KPOECO MunnarCDR Analysis18/12/2020
42Noufel K SCEOEDO IdukkiCDR Analysis18/12/2020
43Pratheesh C MCEOERO, ThodupuzhaCDR Analysis18/12/2020
44Suseelan T VPO(Gr)ERO, ErnakulamCDR Analysis18/12/2020
45Suresh Kumar SCEOERO ThrippunithuraCDR Analysis18/12/2020
46Shibu M ACEOEE &ANSS, ErnakulamCDR Analysis18/12/2020
47Saneesh Kumar T SCEOERO, ThrissurCDR Analysis18/12/2020
48Sameesh K SCEOERO CherppuCDR Analysis18/12/2020
49Kishor C KrishnanCEOECO ThrissurCDR Analysis18/12/2020
50Anoop VEIEI & IB PLKDCDR Analysis18/12/2020
51Prathap SimhanCEOECO AlathurCDR Analysis18/12/2020
52Asharaf Ali MCEOEE & ANSSCDR Analysis18/12/2020
53Ranjith A RCEOECO PonnanniCDR Analysis18/12/2020
54Ahammed RishadCEOERO MalappuramCDR Analysis18/12/2020
55Shibu SankarCEOERO KuttippuramCDR Analysis18/12/2020
56Shijil Kumar K KEIERO VadakaraCDR Analysis18/12/2020
57Rishith Kumar T VCEOECO KozhikodeCDR Analysis18/12/2020
58Susanth R NCEOO/o JEC NZCDR Analysis18/12/2020
59Vineeth RaviCIJES MananthavadiCDR Analysis18/12/2020
60Vineesh P SPOEI & IB PLKDCDR Analysis18/12/2020
61AbdulsaleemPOERO KalpettaCDR Analysis18/12/2020
62Aneesh K AEIERO PayyannurCDR Analysis18/12/2020
63Sujesh M VCEOERO SreekandapuramCDR Analysis18/12/2020
64Sreejith KCEOERO PeravoorCDR Analysis18/12/2020
65Satheesh SEIERO BadiyadukkaCDR Analysis18/12/2020
66Nikhil PavithranCEOEE & ANSS KSGDCDR Analysis18/12/2020
67Prishi P SCEOEE & ANSS KSGDCDR Analysis18/12/2020
68R.G RajeshEIIT Cell , EHQCDR Analysis10/08/2020
69Shine GCEOAddl : EnforcementCDR Analysis10/08/2020
70Gokul Krishnan G NCEOERO DevikulamCDR Analysis10/08/2020
71Deepu BCEOERO KattappanaCDR Analysis10/08/2020
72T S PrasanthCEOERO ThirupuramCDR Analysis10/08/2020
73AkhilCEOERO ChengannurCDR Analysis10/08/2020
74Manoj KCEOERO AdoorCDR Analysis10/08/2020
75Abhilash K SCEOERO ThiruvananthapuramCDR Analysis10/08/2020
76Nithin R UCEOERO DevikulamCDR Analysis10/08/2020
77YaduCEOExcise Crime Branch SZCDR Analysis10/08/2020
78Shameer Khan AEIERO VamanapuramDigital Forensics28/01/2021
79Ajith RCEOEDO ThiruvananthapuramDigital Forensics28/01/2021
80Subin BernadPOEDO KollamDigital Forensics28/01/2021
81Ajith Kumar K NPOEDO KollamDigital Forensics28/01/2021
82Binu SEIERO AlappuzhaDigital Forensics28/01/2021
83Aneesh K PCEOERO KarthikappallyDigital Forensics28/01/2021
84M. ManojPOERO PathanamthittaDigital Forensics28/01/2021
85Dileep V SCEOERO AdoorDigital Forensics28/01/2021
86D. Manoj kumarPOERO KanjirappallyDigital Forensics28/01/2021
87S. VikasCEOEE &ANSS KottayamDigital Forensics28/01/2021
88Lijo UmmenPOEDO IdukkiDigital Forensics28/01/2021
89Asharaf K MPOJES DevikulomDigital Forensics28/01/2021
90Dinesh K GCEOEE &ANSS ErnakulamDigital Forensics28/01/2021
91Ashley P.PCEOERO ErnakulamDigital Forensics28/01/2021
92Aswin Kumar KEIERO ChalakkudyDigital Forensics28/01/2021
93Kishor Krishnan C KCEOECO ThrissurDigital Forensics28/01/2021
94Balasubhramanyan VEIERO KollamkodeDigital Forensics28/01/2021
95Prathapasimhan MCEOECO AlathurDigital Forensics28/01/2021
96Jineesh EEIERO ManjeriDigital Forensics28/01/2021
97Aneesh KumarPOECO ManjeriDigital Forensics28/01/2021
98Vinoj V.AEIERO NadapuramDigital Forensics28/01/2021
99Yogesh ChandranCEOECO KozhikodeDigital Forensics28/01/2021
100Rajesh VPOERO MananthavadiDigital Forensics28/01/2021
101Vineesh P.SPOEI &IB WayanadDigital Forensics28/01/2021
102Ganesh Babu P VCEOECO KannurDigital Forensics28/01/2021
103Sujesh M VCEOERO SreekandapuramDigital Forensics28/01/2021
104Manas K VCEOERO NeeleswaramDigital Forensics28/01/2021
105KabeerCEOERO KasargoduDigital Forensics28/01/2021
106Krishna Kumar GCIECO AluvaDigital Forensics28/01/2021
107Mukesh Kumar T REIEE & ANSS TVPMDigital Forensics28/01/2021
108Subin PCEOEE& ANSS TVPMDigital Forensics28/01/2021
109Pradeep raoCISupdt. XGDigital Forensics28/01/2021
110Sivan SCEOERO KazhakkuttamDigital Forensics28/01/2021
111Philip TjomasPOEI &IB KottayamDigital Forensics28/01/2021
112ManikandanPOEI &IB ThrissurDigital Forensics28/01/2021
113RubenCEOERO MattancheryDigital Forensics28/01/2021
114Satheesh Kumar P KCIECO KoothuparambaDigital Forensics28/01/2021
115ShijumonPOEI &IB MalappuramDigital Forensics28/01/2021
116Baiju R.NCIECB NZDigital Forensics28/01/2021
117Sajeev PPOECB NZDigital Forensics28/01/2021
118Augustine JosephAECECB CZDigital Forensics28/01/2021
119PrasobhCEOECB CZDigital Forensics28/01/2021
120A.S JayanPOEI &IB ErnakulamDigital Forensics28/01/2021
121R.G RajeshEIIT Cell , EHQDigital Forensics28/01/2021
122Shine GCEOIT CellDigital Forensics28/01/2021
123Gokul Krishnan G NCEOERO DevikulamDigital Forensics28/01/2021
124Deepu BCEOERO KattappanaDigital Forensics28/01/2021
125T S PrasanthCEOERO ThirupuramDigital Forensics28/01/2021
126AkhilCEOERO ChengannurDigital Forensics28/01/2021
127Manoj KCEOERO AdoorDigital Forensics28/01/2021
128Abhilash K SCEOERO ThiruvananthapuramDigital Forensics28/01/2021
129Nithin R UCEOERO DevikulamDigital Forensics28/01/2021

List of Video Lessons available in S.E.A.R.C. for Training Purpose

Sl. No.TopicPartContentConducted by
1Abkari Act1IntroductionP K Satheesh CI (x)
2Abkari Act2DefinitionsP K Satheesh CI (x)
3Abkari Act3DefinitionsP K Satheesh CI (x)
4Abkari Act4Definitions, Power and Duties of officersP K Satheesh CI (x)
5Abkari Act5Power and Duties of officersP K Satheesh CI (x)
6Abkari Act6Power and Duties of officersP K Satheesh CI (x)
7Abkari Act7Section 12,13P K Satheesh CI (x)
8Abkari Act8Section 12C,14P K Satheesh CI (x)
9Abkari Act9Section 15,15AP K Satheesh CI (x)
10Abkari Act10Duties , Tax & Rentals(Sec 17- Sec 19)P K Satheesh CI (x)
11Abkari Act11Duties , Tax & Rentals(Sec 17- Sec 19)P K Satheesh CI (x)
12Abkari Act12Sec 21- 24P K Satheesh CI (x)
13Abkari Act13Licence and Permit Types and ConditionsP K Satheesh CI (x)
14Abkari Act14Licence and Permit Types and ConditionsP K Satheesh CI (x)
15Abkari Act15Licence and Permit Types and ConditionsP K Satheesh CI (x)
16Abkari Act16sec 28,29P K Satheesh CI (x)
17Abkari Act17sec 30-35K V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
18Abkari Act18sec 36-44K V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
19Abkari Act19sec 36-44K V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
20Abkari Act20Sec 45- 49K V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
21Abkari Act21Sec 50-54AK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
22Abkari Act22Revision upto Sec 54K V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
23Abkari Act23penalties(upto sec 55g)K V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
24Abkari Act24penaltiesK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
25Abkari Act25penalties - 55D- 56dK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
26Abkari Act26penalties- 56-A(1)(a) -57(A)K V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
27Abkari Act27penalties 57BK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
28Abkari Act28penalties 57BK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
29Abkari Act29penalties sec 58 B (1) (b)K V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
30Abkari Act30penalties sec 60K V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
31Abkari Act31sec 61K V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
32Abkari Act32Sec 62-64K V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
33Abkari Act33Sec 64AK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
34Abkari Act34Sec 65K V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
35Abkari Act35Penal SectionsK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
36Abkari Act36Penal SectionsK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
37Abkari Act37Penal SectionsK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
38Abkari Act38Penal SectionsK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
39Abkari Act39Penal SectionsK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
40Abkari Act40MiscellaneousK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
41FL Rule1introduction,definitionR Jayachandran AEC
42FL Rule2Permit, LicenceR Jayachandran AEC
43FL Rule3Permit, LicenceR Jayachandran AEC
44FL Rule4revalidation of permit,Licence ClassificationR Jayachandran AEC
45FL Rule5Licence ClassificationR Jayachandran AEC
46FL Rule6Licence ClassificationR Jayachandran AEC
47FL Rule7General Conditions for Licence, Licence violationR Jayachandran AEC
48Distillary and Warehouse Rule1Introduction, FermentationMuhammed Harish C I(x)
49Distillary and Warehouse Rule2Distillation,ENAMuhammed Harish C I(x)
50Distillary and Warehouse Rule3DefinitionsMuhammed Harish C I(x)
51Distillary and Warehouse Rule4ProvingMuhammed Harish C I(x)
52Distillary and Warehouse Rule5Calculations of % v/v and Degree ProofMuhammed Harish C I(x)
53Distillary and Warehouse Rule6Compounding and BlendingMuhammed Harish C I(x)
54Distillary and Warehouse Rule7(1)Compounding and BlendingMuhammed Harish C I(x)
55Distillary and Warehouse Rule7(2)Wastage and calculationsMuhammed Harish C I(x)
56Distillary and Warehouse Rule8wastage calculations and PricingMuhammed Harish C I(x)
57Distillary and Warehouse Rule9Duty Calculation and DefinitionsMuhammed Harish C I(x)
58Distillary and Warehouse Rule10Overtime allowance Calculation,BottlingMuhammed Harish C I(x)
59Distillary and Warehouse Rule11Important TermsMuhammed Harish C I(x)
60Constitution1Preamble, CitizenshipAdv. Rekha Prasad
61Constitution2Fundamental Rights Article12-16Adv. Rekha Prasad
62Constitution3fundamental Rights Article17Adv. Rekha Prasad
63Constitution4fundamental rights Article 18 & 19Adv. Rekha Prasad
64Constitution5fundamental Rights Article 20Adv. Rekha Prasad
65Constitution6fundamental Rights Article 20Adv. Rekha Prasad
66Constitution7fundamental Rights Article 21Adv. Rekha Prasad
67Constitution8fundamental Rights Article 22Adv. Rekha Prasad
68Constitution9Article 23&24Adv. Rekha Prasad
69Constitution10Article24Adv. Rekha Prasad
70Constitution11Article 25-28, Article 32Adv. Rekha Prasad
71Constitution12Fundamental dutiesAdv. Rekha Prasad
72Kerala Public Service Act1……K D Varghese Joint Director of Treasury(Rtd)
73Financial Code1Kerala Financial Code,Part X of constitutionK D Varghese Joint Director of Treasury(Rtd)
74Financial Code2Receipt ,Custody and Disbursement of MoneyK D Varghese Joint Director of Treasury(Rtd)
75Financial Code3TR 5, TR 6, TR7A, Cash book, TR8 , Source of Receipts- Article 4-8, Article 12-31, Rule 89,90,91 of KTCK D Varghese Joint Director of Treasury(Rtd)
76Financial Code4Cash system, Accounting System, ,Negotiable Instrument Act,ChequeK D Varghese Joint Director of Treasury(Rtd)
77Financial Code5Banking Regulation, RBI Act, DDK D Varghese Joint Director of Treasury(Rtd)
78Financial Code6Formalties of Cheque , ReconciliationK D Varghese Joint Director of Treasury(Rtd)
79Financial Code7ExpenditureK D Varghese Joint Director of Treasury(Rtd)
80Financial Code8Types of Government AccountsK D Varghese Joint Director of Treasury(Rtd)
81Financial Code9Essential Conditins of Gov. ExpenditureK D Varghese Joint Director of Treasury(Rtd)
82Financial Code10Administrative Sanction,Technical SanctionK D Varghese Joint Director of Treasury(Rtd)
83Financial Code11Feasibility studyK D Varghese Joint Director of Treasury(Rtd)
84Financial Code12Due date of claimsK D Varghese Joint Director of Treasury(Rtd)
85Financial Code13Administrative Department, Submission of SalaryK D Varghese Joint Director of Treasury(Rtd)
86Financial Code14Types of AdvancesK D Varghese Joint Director of Treasury(Rtd)
87Financial Code15Sanction of IncrementK D Varghese Joint Director of Treasury(Rtd)
88Financial Code16Payment of salary, Supernumery OfficiatingK D Varghese Joint Director of Treasury(Rtd)
89Financial Code17Pay advance , Temporary advanceK D Varghese Joint Director of Treasury(Rtd)
90Financial Code18TA, NLC,PRAN,NPSK D Varghese Joint Director of Treasury(Rtd)
91Financial Code19Counter signature of claimsK D Varghese Joint Director of Treasury(Rtd)
92Financial Code20Kerala Budget Manual and Introduction to Indian AuditK D Varghese Joint Director of Treasury(Rtd)
93Financial Code21Kerala Budget Manual and Introduction to Indian AuditK D Varghese Joint Director of Treasury(Rtd)
94Financial Code22Kerala Budget Manual and Introduction to Indian AuditK D Varghese Joint Director of Treasury(Rtd)
95Financial Code23Kerala Budget Manual and Introduction to Indian AuditK D Varghese Joint Director of Treasury(Rtd)
96Forest Act1IntroductionM I Varghese IFS (Retd)
97Forest Act2Kerala Forest ActM I Varghese IFS (Retd)
98Forest Act3Wildlife Protection actM I Varghese IFS (Retd)
99Indian Penal Code1DefinitionsAdv. Rekha Prasad
100Indian Penal Code2DefinitionsAdv. Rekha Prasad
101Indian Penal Code3DefinitionsAdv. Rekha Prasad
102Indian Penal Code4DefinitionsAdv. Rekha Prasad
103Indian Penal Code5DefinitionsAdv. Rekha Prasad
104Indian Penal Code6Punishments, General Exceptions Sec 76-84Adv. Rekha Prasad
105Indian Penal Code7General Exceptions Sec 85-99Adv. Rekha Prasad
106Indian Penal Code8Abetment,Criminal conspiracy and Offences by Public ServantAdv. Rekha Prasad
107Indian Penal Code9Offences againt stateAdv. Rekha Prasad
108Indian Penal Code10Offences against state, Unlawful Assembly, Rioting, Offences Relating public servantAdv. Rekha Prasad
109Indian Penal Code11Public Nuisances, Offences Against Human body Sec289-304BAdv. Rekha Prasad
110Indian Penal Code12Offences Against Human body Sec306-333Adv. Rekha Prasad
111Indian Penal Code13Wrongful restrain,Wrongful confinement , Assault& Offences against Women Sec 354 &354AAdv. Rekha Prasad
112Indian Penal Code14Offences against Women Sec 354 B -375Adv. Rekha Prasad
113Indian Penal Code15Rape Sec 375 & 375AAdv. Rekha Prasad
114Indian Penal Code16Offences against Women Sec 376E, Unnatural Offence 377 , Offences against property theft, Extortion ,RobberyAdv. Rekha Prasad
115Indian Penal Code17Offence against property, cheating, MischiefAdv. Rekha Prasad
116Indian Penal Code18Criminal Tresspass,Offences relating to marriage, adulteryAdv. Rekha Prasad
117Indian Penal Code19Cruelty by Husband or Husband relatives, Defamation& Attempt to commit OffencesAdv. Rekha Prasad
118Leadership Class1….K T Markose Professor (Rtd.)
119Leadership Class2….K T Markose Professor (Rtd.)
120Dowry Prohibition Act1IntroductionAdv. Rekha Prasad
121Dowry Prohibition Act2DetailsAdv. Rekha Prasad
122Juvenile Justice Act1IntroductionAdv. Rekha Prasad
123Juvenile Justice Act2DetailsAdv. Rekha Prasad
124POCSO Act1IntroductionAdv. Rekha Prasad
125POCSO Act2DetailsAdv. Rekha Prasad
126POCSO Act3DetailsAdv. Rekha Prasad
127POSH Act1IntroductionAdv. Rekha Prasad
128POSH Act2DetailsAdv. Rekha Prasad
129POSH Act3DetailsAdv. Rekha Prasad
130RTI Act1IntroductionAdv. Rekha Prasad
131RTI Act2DetailsAdv. Rekha Prasad
132Protection Of Women Against Domestic Violence1IntroductionAdv. Rekha Prasad
133Protection Of Women Against Domestic Violence2DetailsAdv. Rekha Prasad
134NDPS1IntroductionMuhammed Harish C I(x)
135NDPS2Offence and Penalties, ProcedureMuhammed Harish C I(x)
136NDPS3Offence and Penalties, ProcedureMuhammed Harish C I(x)
137Evidence Act1Introduction, Definitions(Sec 3)P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
138Evidence Act2Definitions(Sec 3)P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
139Evidence Act3Definitions(Sec 3)P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
140Evidence Act4Definitions, Presumption(Sec 4)P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
141Evidence Act5Sec 5-7P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
142Evidence Act6Sec7-Sec8P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
143Evidence Act7sec 9P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
144Evidence Act8Sec9, ,Sec 10,Sec 11,Sec 24P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
145Evidence Act9Sec 25-27P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
146Evidence Act10Sec 65, Sec 101,Sec 118,Sec119,Sec 122,Sec 123,Sec 124P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
147Evidence Act11Sec 125-Sec129, Sec 134,Sec 137- Sec 140, Sec 145P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
148Evidence Act12Sec 145,Sec159,Sec 165, Criminal rules of markingand RevisionP Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
149Stress Management and Personality Development1IntroductionK T Markose Professor (Rtd.)
150Stress Management and Personality Development2Way to manage stressK T Markose Professor (Rtd.)
151Stress Management and Personality Development3Way to manage stressK T Markose Professor (Rtd.)
152Stress Management and Personality Development4Way to manage stressK T Markose Professor (Rtd.)
153Stress Management and Personality Development5Time managementK T Markose Professor (Rtd.)
154Stress Management and Personality Development6Transactional Analysis-Interpersonal relationshipsK T Markose Professor (Rtd.)
155Stress Management and Personality Development7Transactional Analysis-Interpersonal relationshipsK T Markose Professor (Rtd.)
156Stress Management and Personality Development8ListeningK T Markose Professor (Rtd.)
157Stress Management and Personality Development9ListeningK T Markose Professor (Rtd.)
158Tree Tax Rules1Introduction,Rule 1-5K V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
159Tree Tax Rules2Rule 5- 14K V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
160Tree Tax Rules3Rule 15 -28K V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
161Tree Tax Rules4Rule 29-41K V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
162Tree Tax Rules5Rule 42- 50K V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
163Abkari Procedure1IntroductionK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
164Abkari Procedure2IntroductionK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
165Abkari Procedure3IntroductionK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
166Abkari Procedure4First InformationK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
167Abkari Procedure5Grounds of beliefK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
168Abkari Procedure6Search MemoK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
169Abkari Procedure7SearchK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
170Abkari Procedure8Search listK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
171Abkari Procedure9Search listK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
172Abkari Procedure10Search listK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
173Abkari Procedure11ArrestK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
174Abkari Procedure12Arrest memoK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
175Abkari Procedure13Arrest IntimationK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
176Abkari Procedure14Arrest IntimationK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
177Abkari Procedure15MahazarK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
178Abkari Procedure16MahazarK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
179Abkari Procedure17MahazarK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
180Abkari Procedure18MahazarK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
181Abkari Procedure19Mahazar, LabelK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
182Abkari Procedure20MahazarK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
183Abkari Procedure21MahazarK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
184Abkari Procedure22MahazarK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
185Abkari Procedure23Case Registration,K V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
186Abkari Procedure24Crime and Occurance ReportK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
187Abkari Procedure25Thondy, Sample and labelK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
188Abkari Procedure26Confession Statement, Chemical ForwardingK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
189Abkari Procedure27Thondy ListK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
190Abkari Procedure28Court Covering LetterK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
191Abkari Procedure29Court Covering LetterK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
192Abkari Procedure30Case DiaryK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
193Abkari Procedure31Case DiaryK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
194Abkari Procedure32Case DiaryK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
195Abkari Procedure33Case DiaryK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
196Abkari Procedure34StatementK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
197Abkari Procedure35Confession StatementK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
198Abkari Procedure36Investigation ProcedureK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
199Abkari Procedure37StatementK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
200Abkari Procedure38Scene mahazar, Site planK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
201Abkari Procedure39public witness statementK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
202Abkari Procedure40Detecting officer statement , Charge sheetK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
203Abkari Procedure41ChargesheetK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
204Abkari Procedure42ChargesheetK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
205Abkari Procedure43ChargesheetK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
206Abkari Procedure44Vehicle involved spirit case mahazarK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
207Abkari Procedure45Vehicle involved spirit case mahazarK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
208Abkari Procedure46Vehicle involved spirit case mahazar, InventoryK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
209Abkari Procedure47Toddy Sample MahazarK V Baby CI(x) (Retd)
210Criminal Procedure code1Definition, Constitution of Criminal Courts and Offices, Power of CourtsP Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
211Criminal Procedure code2Arrest of personsP Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
212Criminal Procedure code3Arrest of personsP Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
213Criminal Procedure code4Arrest of personsP Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
214Criminal Procedure code5Process to compel Appearance- SummonsP Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
215Criminal Procedure code6Process to compel Appearance- Warrant, ProclamationP Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
216Criminal Procedure code7Process to compel the production of things-summons, Search warrantP Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
217Criminal Procedure code8Investigation-sec 154P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
218Criminal Procedure code9Investigation-sec 154-160P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
219Criminal Procedure code10Investigation-sec 160-162P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
220Criminal Procedure code11Investigation-sec 163-164P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
221Criminal Procedure code12Investigation -sec-165-166P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
222Criminal Procedure code13Investigation -sec-167P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
223Criminal Procedure code14Investigation -sec-168-172P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
224Criminal Procedure code15Investigation -sec-173-176P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
225Criminal Procedure code16Jurisdiction -Sec 177-183P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
226Criminal Procedure code17Jurisdiction -Sec 184-189, Conditions for initiation of proceedings- sec 190-195P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
227Criminal Procedure code18Conditions for initiation of proceedings- sec 195-199P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
228Criminal Procedure code19Complaint to magistrate -sec 200-208P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
229Criminal Procedure code20Charge-Form of Charges -Sec 211-217P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
230Criminal Procedure code21Charge- Joinder of Charges -Sec 218-223P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
231Criminal Procedure code22Trial before a court of session- sec-225-228P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
232Criminal Procedure code23Trial before a court of session- sec-229-233P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
233Criminal Procedure code24Trial before a court of session- sec-229-237, Trial of warrant cases by magistrateP Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
234Criminal Procedure code25Trial of warrant cases by magistrate-sec 240-250P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
235Criminal Procedure code26Trial of summons cases by Magistrates, Summary TrialsP Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
236Criminal Procedure code27Attendance of persons confined or detained in prisonsP Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
237Criminal Procedure code28Evidence in inquiries and trials - Sec-272-281P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
238Criminal Procedure code29Evidence in inquiries and trials - Sec-281-294P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
239Criminal Procedure code30Evidence in inquiries and trials - Sec-295-300, General provisions as to inquiries and trialsP Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
240Criminal Procedure code31General provisions as to inquiries and trials- Sec 300P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
241Criminal Procedure code32Sec-301-437P Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
242Criminal Procedure code33Important SectionsP Krishnakumar Assistant Public Proscecutor
243Manual of Office Procedure1DefinitionsDr. T K Pushkaran Sr.Superintendent (Retd.)
244Manual of Office Procedure2DefinitionsDr. T K Pushkaran Sr.Superintendent (Retd.)
245Manual of Office Procedure3DefinitionsDr. T K Pushkaran Sr.Superintendent (Retd.)
246Manual of Office Procedure4DefinitionsDr. T K Pushkaran Sr.Superintendent (Retd.)
247Manual of Office Procedure5Outline followed by a paper from receipt to disposal, TappalDr. T K Pushkaran Sr.Superintendent (Retd.)
248Manual of Office Procedure6Personal registerDr. T K Pushkaran Sr.Superintendent (Retd.)
249Manual of Office Procedure7Note makingDr. T K Pushkaran Sr.Superintendent (Retd.)
250Manual of Office Procedure8DisposalDr. T K Pushkaran Sr.Superintendent (Retd.)
251Manual of Office Procedure9Note making, DisposalDr. T K Pushkaran Sr.Superintendent (Retd.)
252Manual of Office Procedure10DisposalDr. T K Pushkaran Sr.Superintendent (Retd.)
253Manual of Office Procedure11DisposalDr. T K Pushkaran Sr.Superintendent (Retd.)
254Manual of Office Procedure12LettersDr. T K Pushkaran Sr.Superintendent (Retd.)
255Manual of Office Procedure13LettersDr. T K Pushkaran Sr.Superintendent (Retd.)
256Manual of Office Procedure14DespatchingDr. T K Pushkaran Sr.Superintendent (Retd.)
257Manual of Office Procedure15Records and Record keepingDr. T K Pushkaran Sr.Superintendent (Retd.)
258Manual of Office Procedure16Check on delays and arrearsDr. T K Pushkaran Sr.Superintendent (Retd.)
259Manual of Office Procedure17MiscellaneousDr. T K Pushkaran Sr.Superintendent (Retd.)
260Manual of Office Procedure18MiscellaneousDr. T K Pushkaran Sr.Superintendent (Retd.)
261Manual of Office Procedure19AppendicesDr. T K Pushkaran Sr.Superintendent (Retd.)
262Manual of Office Procedure20AppendicesDr. T K Pushkaran Sr.Superintendent (Retd.)
263Manual of Office Procedure21Registers, Question and answersDr. T K Pushkaran Sr.Superintendent (Retd.)
264KSR1Introduction, Regularization of appointmentK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
265KSR2Regularization of appointmentK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
266KSR3ProbationK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
267KSR4ProbationK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
268KSR5Seniority,Promotion,Leave introductionK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
269KSR6Leave types,Earned leaveK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
270KSR7Earned leave, Half Pay LeaveK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
271KSR8Commuted Leave, Leave without allowance,Maternity leaveK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
272KSR9Maternity leave, Paternity leave,Hospital leave, Special disability leaveK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
273KSR10Commutation of leave, LWA-TypesK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
274KSR11Casual leave, Special casual leave,Compensatory leaveK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
275KSR12Leave for abroad visit, Pay and Allowance IntroductionK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
276KSR13IncrementK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
277KSR14Increment,Pay in the time of suspensionK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
278KSR15Joining timeK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
279KSR16Joining timeK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
280KSR17SuspensionK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
281KSR18SuspensionK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
282KSR19Punishment RulesK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
283KSR20Travelling AllowanceK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
284KSR21Travelling AllowanceK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
285KSR22Travelling AllowanceK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
286KSR23Disciplinary ProceedingsK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
287KSR24Combination of appointments, DeputationK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
288KSR25Deputation,Conduct RulesK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
289KSR26Conduct RulesK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
290KSR27Conduct RulesK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
291KSR28Conduct Rules, Lien, RegularizationK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
292KSR29Lien,Honourarium, AllowancesK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
293KSR30Retirement,PensionK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
294KSR31PensionK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)
295KSR32PensionK Sundarm Administrative Asst.(Retd.)