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Last Modified :Wednesday 06 FEB 2019, 14:08 PM
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Finance Officer [Excise] will be an officer in the rank of Under Secretary on deputation from the Government Secretariat. . The main powers, duties and responsibilities   of the Finance Officer [Excise] are

  • Preparation of budget estimates, sending proposals for Supplementary Demands for Grants, resumption and re-appropriation of funds etc.
  • Reconciliation of departmental accounts with the figures booked in the Accountant General's office.
  • Control over departmental revenue and expenditure and scrutiny of proposals involving enhancement, refund and abandonment of revenue and write off, remission of dues, liabilities etc.
  • Deal with inspection reports, audit paras and objections.
  • Tendering opinion in matters involving financial commitments.
  • Offering remarks to the head of the department in the formulation of new schemes and projects; proposal and allocation of funds for schemes; creation and up gradation of posts; repair and maintenance of buildings, vehicles, machinery etc.; execution of agreements and powers of attorney; registration, renewal and blacklisting of contractors etc.