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Joint  Excise Commissioners of Excise Intelligence & Investigation Bureau

He is in charge of the Excise Intelligence and Investigation Bureau and he has jurisdiction over the whole state of Kerala. He supervises collection of intelligence related to the illicit liquor narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, trafficking and dissemination of such intelligence and investigation of cases referred to him by the Excise Commissioner.

Zonal Joint  Excise Commissioners

Joint Excise Commissioners of zones exercise all the powers and duties of the Commissioner of Excise concurrently with and subject to the control of the Excise Commissioner within their jurisdiction.

  1. They are the administrative heads of each of the 3 Excise zones, viz. South, Central and North.
  2. Supervision and management of distilleries, breweries, wineries and other manufactories and warehouses licensed under the Abkari Act, the Medicinal and Toilet Preparations Act, the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act etc.
  3. Inspection of all subordinate offices and supervision of the work of all subordinates within his jurisdiction.
  4. Empowered to exercise all the powers and to discharge all the duties conferred and imposed on Abkari officers under Sections 31,32,34, 35,38,39,53 &59,67 and 67 A of the Abkari Act I of 1077 within their respective jurisdiction
Joint  Excise Commissioner Internal Audit Wing

He is in charge of the Internal Audit Wing of the department. He supervises the process of internal audit of various offices of the Department. He examines the reports of the Accountant General of Kerala and inspection reports of subordinate offices and accounts relating to old arrears. He is also in charge of “Modernisation of Excise Department.”

Principal of State Excise Academy and Research Centre

An officer of the rank of Joint Excise Commissioner will be the Principal of State Excise Academy and Research Centre, Thrissur. The Academy is now in its formative period. He is responsible for imparting training to all personnel recruited to the Excise Department under various ranks. He is also responsible for conducting the in-service training programmes for officers and men of the department.