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Promotion and Transfer Order - AEC

Asst. Excise Inspectors (Grade)- Order

CI & EI Transfer Order 19/12/2015

Excise Inspectors- Promotion and Transfer order

Asst. Excise Inspectors- Promotion and Tansfer Order

Assistant Excise Inspector posts- shifted back- order

Promotion & Transfer Order- Assistant Excise Inspectors

Promotion Order- Excise Inspector

Promotion Order - Circle Inspector

Promotion & Transfer Order- Assistant Excise Inspectors 25/11/2015

Promotion Order- Excise Inspector 29/10/2015

Promotion Order - Circle Inspector 29/10/2015

Transfer and Posting- Excise Inspector

Transfer and Posting- Circle Inspector of Excise

Promotion and Transfer- AEC

Transfer and postings- Check Post - Circular

Transfer and postings-  Circular

Transfer and Posting- Preventive Officers

Transfer Order-  Modification-  EI & IB - Preventive Officer- 18-11-2014

Transfer Order-  Modification-  Excise Inspector- 18-11-2014

Transfer Order-  Asst. Excise Inspector - 17-11-2014

AEI to EI Promotion and transfer order of Excise Inspector- 17-11-2014

Transfer Order- Prevetnive Officer- EI & IB - 14-11-2014

Transfer Order of Asst:  Excise Inspectors 08/05/2013

Transfer Order of Excise Inspectors 02/05/2013

Transfer Order of Excise Inspectors  30/11/2012

Promotion and Transfer of Circle Inspector's   12/11/2012

Promotion and transfer of JECs,DECs and AECs 01/11/2012

Promotion order AEI 13/08/2012

Supernumery Inspectors posting Order 09/08/2012

Modification of Excise Inspectors 09/08/2012

Posting of Circle Inspector 09/08/2012

Transfer Excise Inspectors 07/08/2012

Modification on transfer order CI 07/08/2012

Transfer Asst. Excise Inspectors 03/08/2012

Promotion & Transfer of Circle Inspectors 03/08/2012

Promotion &Transfer of JEC, DEC  & AEC 03/08/2012

Posting Order Excise Inspectors & Asst. Excise Inspectors 05-07-2012

Supernumerary posts- creation

Reversion and Transfer order- 20/06/2012

Reversion Posting Order